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Two Collaborative Projects from the Fab Lab

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

We completed three team projects a the Fab Lab Bootcamp in Lyngen, Norway. A good indication that the many of us who stayed up to 5 am on a regular basis did more than hang out in the sauna and play Arctic Circle-style Kabbadi.

Below, Vincent Musau and Kamau Gachigi, both from Nairobi, Kenya, give wonderful descriptions of the “Radio” and “Wave Guide” projects completed by their respective teams. An exciting next step possibility is to use the radio circuit to remotely control the motor on the wave guide. It’s entirely possible that someone responsibly documented these projects in other fashions on the Bootcamp site.

“Radio Project” at Fab Lab Bootcamp. Video hosted by

“Wave Guide Project’ at Fab Lab Bootcamp. Video hosted by

Fab Lab "Bootcamp"

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Just now coming to my senses following a two-week stay in the Arctic Circle at the Norway Fab Lab. Here are some first looks from the trip:

First view of the Haaken farm; Sun peeks at path toward the fjord; Long view of the Longhouse; Night on the Norway Cabins

I joined other Fab Lab folk from around the globe for an intense period of training and an inspiring sharing of ideas and experiences. The official documentation site is on this Bootcamp page. I’ll be doing posting a fair bit of documentation on this blog, as well.

Fruit Fun with the GHICP

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I have criminally kept these revealing pictures of the GHICP crew out of the public eye. I have no excuse and am suitably ashamed. Here’s me, Drew and Morgan holding our mangolicious treats, seated next to Beryl, the mangophilic benefactor. Plus, close up view of the tasty and tastefully decorated mangoes.

Here’s an update on our Community Wireless progress: four months we agreed on final MOU language with the Golden Hill Recreation Council. We still have not heard back from the Citty Attorney’s office. Getting antsy at this point.