Commissioner Copps on “Can the FCC Regulate the Internet?”

Posted by on December 27, 2010

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Can the FCC Regulate the Internet?

December 24, 2010

The central legal question of the FCC’s new net neutrality rules is whether or not the Commission even has the authority to regulate the internet, which is classified as an information service. Net neutrality advocates wanted the web to be reclassified as a telecommunication service before any new rules were made so the FCC would have more power to regulate it. Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps voted for the new regulation, but says he has reservations about its legal foundation.

On Christmas Eve, Copps delivered a welcome message about the need for consumer protections in Internet service and the limits of market-only solutions. Too bad he couldn’t also stuff stronger #NetNeutrality protection in the stocking

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One Response to “Commissioner Copps on “Can the FCC Regulate the Internet?””

  1. Taran Rampersad Says:

    Well, the real problem is that someone has to deal with it. That it may not be FCC, with their dilute stance, could actually be a good thing. If they had a stronger stance, I’d more support the FCC.

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