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Bringing Some Brand XL Innovation To Children’s Creativity Museum

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Just accepted an invitation to be Innovator of the Month  for the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco this coming December.  In my role as a Kid*Spark Fellow, I’ll be setting up an installation  and running workshops that highlight the benefits  of Maker activity and Rokenbok construction in creative engagement and play that also delivers lessons about Engineering principles.  It’s part of the museum’s commitment to  “connecting families and children with innovative thinkers, makers and designers.”

I’m Looking forward to contributing to the body of work from the preceding  featured Innovators and excited about the challenge.  I’ve already started modifying some files from  Rokenbok’s  3D library in preparation for the month.

And what better month is there for delivering installations and lessons using toys than December? ;-]



Guide to experiencing [1] on your mobile device

Friday, August 10th, 2012


Your device will need a mobile network connection or a WiFi connection to search for the Mayan lessons.

Make sure the Layar Reality Browser is installed on the device.  Get it from wherever you go to install apps.

Use your device’s web browser to follow this link and register your email address to join the [1] network:  Your email address will be your “user name” for [1].  It will be used only to collect anonymized data about the growth of the network and to inform you of the release of new Mayan lessons. These messages will only be sent for a period of less than two months (exactly eight Mayan Calendar weeks). Once you register,  you’ll be directed to a link that will allow you to launch [1].

You will launch into the  “camera view” for the [1] content,  which will be your main portal to the lessons. From your device menu,  you can select ‘layer info”  to read the introduction to  [1] and share  [1] with your friends.  Please share via email!  The camera view will show you the available lesson(s), indicated as a “point of interest”.  You can attempt to a navigate to the lesson site using just this viewfinder, but the navigation will be challenging if  you are  more than a 1/4 mile from the site.

To make navigation easier, tap your device’s menu button  choose the map view. You’ll then see an indication of your position and the position of the lesson, overlaid on a map of the city. This view is you second option for navigation as your position on the map will be updated as you move closer to the lesson.

If you click on the icon representing the lesson on the map, a pop-up menu will offer you a “take me there” option. Selecting this will lead to a list of step by step destination directions that you can follow to the lesson.  You can also choose to be guided by voice navigation if  your device has this capability.

Whichever navigation method you choose,  the audio lesson from the Mayan elders will automatically begin to play when you are close enough to the site selected to enhance your experience of the lesson.